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KUROCKA FRANCES ASSOCIATES  has the experience to help you decide how, when, and what to change, if you need to change anything at all!  Sometimes, even the slightest adjustment can have a powerful effect. The key is alignment!   We take pride in giving organizations the tools and programs they need to transform.  Here is a small sample of our larger scale work.  

  • Defined and established strong pay for performance programs to complement 
    performance management system redesign and support shift from “entitlement 
    pay” mentality to risk and reward culture.

  • Facilitated conversion to totally new compensation systems at a Fortune 100 
    company, including development of new and expanded job descriptions and 
    accompanying skills assessment tools for thousands of employees. 

  • Developed multi-factor grading system and new organizational structure for 
    employee classifications for a super-regional bank, resulting in fairness and 
    consistency and eliminating pay and other inequities caused by mergers. 

  • Designed leading edge base and variable pay system aimed at increasing 
    employee retention, decreasing compensation administration, and aligning 
    pay program with company business strategy.

  • Developed and installed compensation plans and salary administration tools 
    for regional banks and non-profit consumer rights organizations. 

  • Customized and led annual planning and goal setting sessions for profit and 
    non-profit organizations, establishing linkage of organizational resources to 
    mission, and channeling team and individual efforts. 

  • Led merger and acquisition conversion teams and performance management 
    redesign efforts at major banking companies.